We're "treasured!"

Posted by Reparapy On May - 30 - 2009

It's always an honor to be included in someone's treasury at Etsy. Thanks to snowflakedesign for adding us into her idea of a great spa day.

Read why we couldn't agree more with her....

There ain't no junk in our Trunkt!

Posted by Reparapy On June- 1 - 2009

We have made it!! We're in Trunkt!

Trunkt supports independent artists and designers by giving them portfolio space to present their work. We celebrate their talent in multimedia features.
Trunkt.org brings the best of independent art and design to a global audience hungry for fresh creative talent. Trunkt now features the amazing portfolios of over 1000 talented entrepreneurs from around the world.

Emmaline Bride Pride

Posted by Author On Month - Day - Year

We believe in the value of handmade. So does Emmaline Bride.

Read why we love working with Emmaline Bride

Olga Finklesteyn, Furniture

Posted by Reparapy On 6:14 PM

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Sample Profile
Furniture Design Current Student
The University of Texas at Austin
Tokyo, Japan
Email me

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